LDPE foil


We offer LDPE foil in following versions: tube, tube with marks, halftube, halftube with marks, halftube cut right, halftubes cut left and in the middle, flat foil, flat foil with the exact cut. It is used for packaging and general purposes, and to produce bags and sheet in various dimensions.

Main separation and usage

Contracting foil – to fix products and goods at the pallets
Packaging foil – packaging of various products and semi products
Technical foil – is suitable for agricultural and building industry

Standard dimensions:

Thickness 28µm - 200 µm
Maximal width 2100 mm
Maximal width with exact cut 2000 mm
Width of a mark 700 mm
Colour transparent or various colours
In-line impress recyclation mark
Off-line impress according to customer requirements

Possible variations of LDPE foil:

Adjustment of the foils:


Plochá fólia - flat foil; Polohadica - halftube; polohadica rezaná v strede - halftube cut in the middle;

Hadica - tube; Fólia dvojitý návin - foil double package;

Hadica so záložkami - tube with marks; polohadica so záložkami - halftube with marks;

polohadica so záložkami rezaná v strede - halftube with marks cut in the middle;

Basic informations about confection possibilities:

Bags rolled and perforated
Lenght without limit
Width 450 - 1650 mm
Thickness 50 µm – 200 µm

Sheets, bags:
Lenght min. 250 mm
Width min. 200 mm
Thickness max. 80 µm

Bags can be produced in following adjustment: