Adhesive tapes

Polypropylene (PP) adhesive tapes


Adhesive tapes can be used in wide range of branches, mostly in shops and by final packaging. It is used to tape cardboards, printed matters and the whole pallets. It is suitable by applications, where it is not needed a high stregth.

Offered versions of PP tapes

Width (in mm) Lenght (in m)
Adhesive PP tape brown 19 66
Adhesive PP tape transparent 19 66
Adhesive PP tape brown 48 66
Adhesive PP tape transparent 48 66

Crepe Tapes


Crepe tapes are used as a protection for various surfaces against pollution and mechanical damages in a building industry and in other branches. It is used in paint works to protect furniture parts by colours application.


Offered versions of crepe tapes

According to usage we offer crepe tapes with thermal resistance 60 °C, 80°C, 110°C. By the lowest thermal resistance the tapes are not suitable for wooden surfaces because of low adhesion.

Bounding Polypropylene Tapes


Bounding polypropylene tapes are suitable for manual and machine taping. It is used for packaging printed matters, boxes, industrial products in packages, small cardboard and products at the pallets. Tapes are joined by metal or plastic clips or thy are welded by heat or ultrasound.


Offered versions of bounding PP tapes

We offer bounding PP tapes in white or black colour. By higher demand and individual consultation we can deliver the tapes in various colours and with the impress.

Offered dimensions of bounding PP tapes